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Pretzel Shop “Auntie Anne’s” near Hotel 1-2-3 Hanoi Hoan Kiem🥨

We would like to introduce a Pretzel Shop called "Auntie Anne’s" near Hotel 1-2-3 Hanoi Hoan Kiem!

Hello, everyone.
This is quite suddenly…, but do you like Pretzel? Pretzel is very famouse for many people.
Finally, the most famouse Pretzel store in the world "Auntie Anne's" has just opened in Hanoi. One of the stores is located on walkable place from HOTEL1-2-3 Hanoi Hoan Kiem. It's in front of Hanoi Tower.

They have opened shops in Japan once, but they left since the Pretzel boom has ended. However, we could still see the stores in east south asian countries. We hope they survive in Hanoi.

In addition, this store in Hanoi forcuses on drinks as well. There is a drink that is called "Golden Tea". It tastes strong, but the taste of aloe matches with Pretzel very well. 

Why don't you try tasting the fresh pretzel at "Auntie Anne's"?
Here is some information of "Auntie Anne's" below.
Auntie Anne's 
Address: 31 Hang Khay, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi


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