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Chain Restaurant called “Pepper Lunch”

Hotel 1-2-3 Hanoi Hoan Kiem would like to introduce a chain restaurant at Hanoi “Pepper Lunch”! 🥘

Hi everybody! 

To continue the previous articles, Hanoi 1-2-3 Hotel Hoan Kiem would like to introduce a chain of restaurant that are gradually being known in Hanoi - "Pepper Lunch". Perhaps many people know this name, now they are having a branch right next to the shopping center "Trang Tien Plaza" in the capital Hanoi. Prices here are also very affordable.

A plus point of this store is that it serves throughout the lunch break. So if people suddenly feel hungry while walking around Hoan Kiem, having a meal at Pepper Lunch would be a good choice too!

・ 🥘 ・ 🥘 ・ 🥘 ・

Below is the specific information of the "Pepper Lunch" store.

Pepper Lunch

Address: 22B Hai Bà Trưng, ​​Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi


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